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Ventilation in buildings

Ventilation in houses with heat recovery

Heat recovery is also used in ventilation of houses. Apart from the fact that it is very environmentally friendly, it is also extremely energy saving. Creating an ideal climate with ventilation in houses and buildings is not always easy. Often it involves high costs and energy waste because cold air needs to be heated before it has a pleasant temperature. Recairs passion is to develop innovative technologies that enables the industry to create and ideal climate at minimum cost. And to benefit the environment.

Ventilation in buildings with energy transmission

Ventilate houses is possible using a heat exchanger. These transmit warmth from the inside air to fresh air entering the space. This product can be used for industry, motor vehicles, houses and offices. Heat exchangers specially developed for ventilation with heat recovery from used air are known as recuperators. Recair develops and produces the recuperators: heat exchangers for air-to-air in ventilation on the base of heat recovery.