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Saving energy

Saving energy based on heat recovery..!

The Recair Sensitive heat exchangers are a step in the right direction to saving energy. Your costs for energy usage are lowered and not without relevance, fossil fuels are automatically handled with more care. Heat exchangers transmit energy as warmth from one substance (e.g. gas or fluid) to another. You can apply the heat exchanger based on saving energy, in industry, motor vehicles and in houses including refrigerators and warmth accumulators.

Heat transmission
Saving energy by reusing warm air

In a heat exchanger heat transmission of warmth is ensured. The incoming and outgoing airflows are separated by a solid barrier (e.g. a transit). To avoid  that there is a difference in temperature between the two airflows the heat of the warm airflows is transmitted to the cooler airflows via this barrier. This is in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics. This states that heat will move from a hotter region to a cooler region. In this way less energy is used because the warmth of the outgoing air is in the building is transmitted to the cool fresh air entering the building and the other way around.