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Heat recovery

Ventilation with heat recover, innovative & evironmentally friendly..!

Ventilation with integrated heat recovery is an environmentally friendly and energy saving concept. Creating the ideal climate in buildings and other enclosed spaces is not always easy. It often involves precious energy loss. Recairs passion is to develop innovative technologies which enables people to create climates with minimum costs for themselves but also for the environment on the basis of heat recovery via ventialtion.

Heat exchangers or recuperators.
Ventilation with heat recovery as energy trensmission

Heat exchangers transmit energy as warmth from on substance (e.g. gas or fluid) to another. They find their application in industry, vehicles and in houses including refrigerators and heat accumulators. Heat exchangers that are specially developed for ventilation with heat recovery from used or released gases and fluids and are reused directly for transmission to another state, are known as recuperators. Recair produces these recuperators or in other words heat exchangers for air-to-air ventilation on the base of heat recovery.