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Energy consumption

Saving energy by using less energy through heat recovery..!

With the usage of energy are the Recair Sensitive heat exchangers a step in the right direction to effective energy saving. Using less energy lowers the costs for energy usage and not without relevance; fossil fuels are eventually handled with more care. Heat exchanger transmit energy as warmth from one substance (e.g. air gas or fluid) to another. These heat exchangers are applicable to motor vehicles, businesses and houses, but also in refrigerators and heat accumulators. Recair develops and produces solely recuperators for air-to-air heat transmission.

Less energy usage by reusing warmth from the air

In a heat exchanger heat transmission makes sure that less energy is used. The incoming and out going airflows are continually separated. To stop the difference in temperature between the incoming and outgoing airflows, warmth from warm airflows are transmitted to cooler airflows all within the heat exchanger. This is in accordance with the second law of thermodynamics. This states that heat will move from a hotter region to a cooler region. In this way, less energy is used because the warmth of the outgoing air is in the building is transmitted to the cool fresh air entering the building. And the other way around.