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Recair Sensitive RS300

Length x width: 481 x 232 mm
Height: Variërend tussen 100 - 500 mm

The Recair Sensitive 300 is a natural choice for ventilation improvement and energy saving in ventilationsystems. The difference between the RS300 and the RS160 is little. The ration between the heat transferring capacity and the pressure drop is a little better in comparison with the RS300. But the RS300 is more compact.

The RS300 weighs 5,6 kg, the volumes is up to 46 liters and the heat exchanging surface is approx. 28 m2.

Estimate price incl.VAT
120 mm€ 100,25
300 mm€ 202,00
400 mm€ 252,00
500 mm€ 310,50

Recair Sensitive RS300